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If you want to keep a child out of  trouble,

  get them a horse.

   ~Winston Churchill

The physical address to our Barn is:

14800 Lake Mount Pleasant Rd.

Montgomery, TX. 77356

Off FM 1097 inside Banshee Ranch


Our mailing address is:

Gittins Horses

P.O. Box 560

Magnolia, TX. 77353

For questions about the horses:

please call Doug at 832-374-1164

For questions about the website:

please email Laura at


Come out and visit Doug, Laura, our horses

and our dogs.


Feeling Down? Then Saddle Up!!!

Barn Hours:

First Appointment - Last appointment

11:00 am to Before Dusk  Mon.-Sat.

12:00 pm to Before Dusk on Sun.

Always make an appointment

to come out to the barn to

"Git" the right one!!!!!!

~If you make an appointment,

and you can't make it out,

please let us know, our time is important too.

Thank You!!!!!




What To Expect When You Come Out To Our Barn


  • You check out the horse/horses first without tack, you can inspect them, watch them walk, do ground work, pick up their feet, groom them etc...

  • We will saddle and bridle the horse you want to see first.

  • Our rider will ride the horses first, in the round pen to show you how the horse rides, then in the pasture, if you want to see.

  • Then you and/or your family can ride, first in the round pen (so we can see how you ride).

  • Then if your comfortable with the horse, and we are comfortable with you. You can ride where ever you want (on our property), we have a pasture.

  • Please wear appropriate clothing and shoes for riding, we recommend blue jeans/riding britches, boots, and horse riding helmets (especially for kids, we don't want anyone to be put in any danger especially children).

  • SHORTS AND FLIP FLOPS ARE NOT   EVER ACCEPTABLE RIDING ATTIRE (we don't care who you think you are)

  • You are welcome to bring your own saddle (in good repair) and a bridle as long as it's not too severe in the bit and it's in good condition (we usually use a light dog bone snaffle or similar).

  • And please if you need another person(s) opinion; as in a trainer, spouse, parent, child, friend, etc. to make the decision on whether to buy or not.  Please bring them with you on the first day you plan to ride the horse(s) or you can just come and look. (Our time is valuable too).


  • Please check out buyer etiquette and responsibility from HTT (Horse Traders Tricks) and look for their recommendation of us on our Links page

  • And remember there is no such thing as a "bomb proof" horse!!!


Our Barn, Our Rules!!


website pics.jpg

He knows when your happy,

He knows when your comfortable,

He knows when your confident,

And he always knows when you have carrots!!!!


All horses Guaranteed*  by Doug Gittins 




All horses are sold with a signed contract, current negative coggins, and 

vacation/farrier/deworming records will be given to the buyer when they take possession of the horse.

Any registration papers that they may have,

will be given to the buyer at the time of

purchase (unless being purchased online,

then they will be delivered with the horse by the transported or by certified mail).

We welcome all pre-purchase

Veterinarian/Farrier checks

and drug screens on all of our horses,

at the buyer expense.


We also give EVERY horse a Strangles vaccine

(Streptococcus Equi Strep vax II) and a Flu/Rhino Vaccine (Fluvac Innovator EHV-4/1) that  includes EHV-1, EHV-4, type A2 equine influenza/Kentucky 97 influenza, all that is passed from horse to horse

(or equivalent)


We also recommend you give your horse/s

an East/West Nile Vaccine, and a Venezuelan/Eastern/Western Encephalitis, and a Tetanus (VEWT) Vaccine (these can be purchased from your Veterinarian or local

feed store and administered yourself).

And as with every pet we highly recommend a Rabies Vaccine, this should only be administered by a Veterinarian.

(Yes horses can get Rabies)


*30 day Guarantee!!!

If for any reason, you don't like the horse/s we will TRADE

you another horse/s of EQUAL value.

There is Absolutely

no money EVER given back,

and all horses returned must be in the same

(or better) condition as when they left.


Sorry but we do NOT offer payment plans on any of our horses. And ABSOLUTELY NO OUTSIDE TRADE IN'S.  All sales are to be paid in full before the time the horse leaves our barn.

And every horse is for sale until sold.

(Paid For, and with  A Signed Contract)


Sorry, No *Holds/No Deposits

First Come/First Serve.

*We will hold a horse for a pre-purchase exam

 (after the appointment is made) 

as long as it's done within 3 days of the appointment.

If you can't make the vet appointment

because it's the weekend,

a holiday, or after hours, the horse will still be for sale until the

appointment is made*

We can deliver!!! Local to SE Texas Only!!!

(Within 50"ish" Miles Of Our Barn, Montgomery, TX.)

~Fee negotiable, usually just gas $$



Doug has been in the business of horses

for more than 50 years, 

from a small town, in mid-west Iowa,

to the PRCA rodeo,

to the racetracks in NE America.

He has been buying and

selling horses his whole life, with his dad 

(Bernard Gittins) in his sale barn,

to his rodeo days, 

in mid America and the Northeast,

and then on to the 

racetrack as an assistant trainer

(under the leading trainer of the nation,

Jack Van Berg).

Unto now, buying and selling 

beginner, kids, play days, drill team,

trail riding, gentle, 

beginner roping, family horses,

with his life partner, and wife Laura.

Doug has always had exceptional eye for horses, and their attributes. 

Doug's dad has always been an inspiration

to him and instilled in him life long lesson's like;

"Be as honest as you can, whether you're are a

banker, a grocer, or a horse broker,

always be honest, and you'll be successful".

And "The harder you work, the luckier you get".

 Doug truly tries to live by his

words of wisdom and maintain

a great reputation to honor his dad.


We feed our horses 1 to 2 scoops

(1 scoop = 3 qrt.)

of  M-G 12-8 pellets

(12% protein-8% fat) 

twice daily, depending on need.

*unless otherwise noted

1 oz. flax seed oil  

and 1 cup of Outlast per day, 

with all the coastal hay they can eat.

We strive to keep our horses fat and healthy,

and  we work closely with our Veterinarian's at 

Collier Equine Vet Service

If you do see a thin horse at our barn,

it's because he/she came that way

and won't stay that way for long.

The Most Asked Question

"Why do most your descriptions say

almost the same thing?" 

~That's an easy answer, 

they have to fit into a specific "mold" on attitude, dispositition and "brokenness"

that all of our horses HAVE to fit in to,

or we do not standby, represent or guarantee them.

They are guaranteed to us,

so we can guarantee them to you. 

Best Friends Forever!!!!!!

A wise man once said

"All dogs can bite and

all horses can kick."

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